Design Trend: #WarmMinimalism

In interior design, minimalism refers to a style or trend where the space is reduced to its necessary elements. But minimalism doesn't have to be cold and sterile...

The new minimalism, coming out of contemporary Scandinavian homes especially, is soft, cosy and liveable - #WarmMinimalism. 


It's about pared-back styling, to create a calming, uncluttered and simple space.
It's also about a focused, considered approach to what we purchase; embracing the concept of 'buying less, but buying well'. 

We love #WarmMinimalism here at Lujo - our modern beanbag chairs, circular ottomans and giant floor cushions all lend themselves beautifully to this look.


A Warm Minimalist style starts with the colour palette - think a creamy white, soft grey, or sandy taupe as your base.

If you're going to add an accent colour, stick with just one, and keep it a soft, muted tone - sage green or a blush pink, for example. Little pops of black work too, for a very modern look.


The second key aspect of minimalism, along with a pared-back colour palette, is simplicity of styling. Don't have a three-seater, a two-seater and two matching armchairs, if just one beautiful quality sofa will do.

Pick decor items and pieces of furniture that have clean lines - nothing overly ornate or fussy. When styling your shelves, desktop etc, remember what Coco Chanel famously said: after you get dressed, look in the mirror and take one piece of jewellery off. Less is more.

With your blank canvas of colour and simple, clean lines, you now have a minimalist space. But you need to add softness and warmth...


To add warmth (and visual interest), you'll layer texture and natural materials on your very 'clean' canvas. Put a lush woven rug over the crisp white floorboards; fold a cosy throw over the end of a contemporary sofa. Look for tactile fabrics like wool, raw french linen and felt, and organic materials like warm honey-toned timber, seagrass and rattan etc.


To add softness, choose soft and casual furnishings. Our beanbag chairs, giant floor cushions, and beanbag ottomans (used as a coffee table or low seat) are ideal for this. Round elements, like a circular coffee table, round rug or a stylish cylindrical candle are great to add to soften the overall style. 


Lastly, add some life by including a green plant or two in the space (opt for simple, structural leaves), or even artwork that features plants. 



Just a small selection of the comfortable, clean-lined Lujo pieces
that would look great in a warm minimalist bedroom or living room.
(Pictured: giant cushion; adult beanbag chair; beanbag ottoman - small)




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