Interior Inspiration: 'Soft' Style

Soft furniture items - like beanbag chairs, upholstered ottomans and giant floor cushions - lend a relaxed, casual vibe to any space. The below interiors showcase how stylish soft furniture can be...

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Juxtaposition is one of the keys to a home that looks both sophisticated and lived-in. Here, they've paired clean lines and polished materials against the softness and texture of that souk wool rug, the round ottoman used as a handy side table, and a sofa with cool curved edges. 

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Kids' rooms are the perfect space to use soft furniture items. This giant floor cushion makes a great play mat and nap mat.

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Scandinavian design at its best! The muted colour palette feels refined and 'grown up', but the whole look is kept relaxed with soft furniture - in this case, the bean bag chair in a complementary shade to the sofa, and that soft butterfly chair.

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Another room that could have been considered cold and a little austere without the addition of some soft furnishings. The ottoman, used here as a low chair, looks gorgeous with its (faux) fur throw, and the mis-matched cushions add a sense of playfulness and personality.

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The best reading corner is a moveable one! Able to soak in streams of sunlight, wherever it is in the house at the time. Style a stack of your fave magazines/coffee table books on the cushion; this is a cool way to display books when not in use.

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This texture-rich bohemian space somehow manages to strike a stylish balance of being both clean and simple, yet layered and interesting. Because most furniture items in our homes are very linear, with square corners, the inclusion of a circular form can really soften a room, and provide a cute pop of contrast. 

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Create a darling little day bed using floor cushions. Keeping all the colours muted and matching ensures that while the 'furniture' is casual, the overall look is still quite elegant. 



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