Lujo Living Space - a Kids' Corner

One of our customers just purchased a red bean bag chair for her daughter's room... a surprise for her birthday later this month.

It inspired us to style up a funky Kids' corner, with the bean bag chair as centerpiece.


1. This bold pendant light ties in nicely with our red bean bag chair, and we love the slightly retro feel (to take mum and dad back to their childhood!). Available in a range of colours and sizes from Collected.

2. This height chart - in all the colours of the rainbow - makes for an awesome, affordable piece of wall art! From Erupt Prints.

3. The centre piece of this Kids' Space - our bright red Bean Bag Chair. Stylish and structured (keeps its shape), but still oh-so-comfy as any good bean bag should be! The small carry handle on top also makes it easy to move around the room... or maybe into the lounge for movie time.

4. To pair with our bean bag chair, how about this fresh and funky yellow chevron cushion. From Freedom Furniture.

5. A soft shag rug is a great addition to this kids' space. We went for soft pink (forget that old rule about pink and red clashing, the combo is very on-trend now!), but there are lots of other colours to choose from.

6. This colourful wooden worm will keep little hands busy! From Iko Iko.

7. These Post Boxes from children's furniture company Mocka are a replica of the famous designer Kartell units. Available in loads of colours and sizes, they make awesome bedside tables and are saviours when it comes to storage. 

8. This sweet Bunny lamp puts out a soft, muted light - so it's wonderful for nighttime or just before nap time. Available from Vintage Love.

9. Decals are a great way to add personality to a room, without permanently changing or damaging the walls. They're easy to apply and they come off cleanly. We're imagining just one feature wall (or even a door) decorated with teal polka dots. Fun!

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