Kids' Cool - stylish finds for the littles

Inspired by a customer's recent purchase of some Lujo pieces for her young son's room, we went style scouting for more cool finds for kids' rooms - there's so many interior choices for the littles these days, we almost want to go back to childhood ourselves!



1.  We adore this idea for hanging toddler's clothes - the Feurs Heim snake clothes rail, handcrafted from wooden 'beads'. Available from The Foxes Den. 

2.  Dream big, little one - loving these cloud-shaped coat hangers from Collected.

3.  Laying on one of our giant floor cushions is like napping on a cloud (or watching a movie on a cloud, or having storytime on a cloud!). 

4.  Graphic pillowcases are so on trend right now... they're like little art prints for a bed! To the Moon and Back pillowcase from Collected.

5.  A toy that's cool enough even for the big kids, made in wood to last a lifetime. Poseable bear toy, also from Collected

6.  Kids' room storage just got way more stylish... black geometric basket, from BabySwag.

7.  This bedside table is equal parts contemporary and classic, with a modern geometric style, and mid-century design flavour, all handcrafted in wood. From Lilly and Lolly.

8.  Designer bean bag chair in Scandi-style grey (a timeless colour choice that's also gender-neutral) from Lujo. Great as a reading chair, or makes a solid, comfy nursing chair for mum and baby.

9.  Bean bag ottoman from Lujo - also in 'grown up' grey. Pair with our bean bag chair, or on its own makes the perfect little playtime table or a handy low seat that can be grabbed around the room. Designed to last decades in easy-clean, hardwearing fabric.

10.  Very cool round rug (love the triangle pattern!) by popular homeware brand Ferm Living.

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