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From our base in beautiful New Zealand, we ship Lujo furniture around the world - so while half of our customers are wrapping up warm for winter, the other half are stripping down for summer!

So we thought - let's show you how our beanbag chairs and other designer furniture can work for you indoors or outdoors, summer or winter...



In Winter... 
Our indoor beanbag chairs make the most cosy, comfy time-out chairs. Create a reading nook just for you in a quiet corner of the home, or next to a window that gets lots of sun, and don't forget a blanket to snuggle into and a side table to rest your book and cuppa on. 


In Summer...
Our outdoor beanbag chairs are the perfect pozzy to soak up the sun! Soft yet sturdy, they're designed to support your body in a relaxed upright posture so can read or relax for hours in comfort. All our outdoor beanbag furniture is made with premium quality sun-fade resistant fabrics too, so they'll look good as new, summer after summer. 



In Winter...
Our indoor beanbag ottomans are awesome little coffee tables - they're nice and low (higher-set tables can be visually intrusive, while low tables feel more minimalist), and the circular shape is a casual, contemporary option. As with all our bean bag furniture, our indoor ottomans come in a range of neutral tones for a pared-back palette, along with a few bright shades, if you want to add a pop of colour. 



In Summer...
Need a cool new outdoor table? Lujo's outdoor beanbag ottomans are the ideal stash-spot for your magazine, drinks tray, and other sunny-day supplies. Available in two sizes, they also double as comfy seating when it's time for some summer socialising.



In Winter...
Oh go on, you deserve a little luxury. Lujo's loungers are curvaceous, chaise-lounge style bean bags - and they're gorgeous used as fireside furniture. With sleek, stylish design and impeccable craftsmanship, your family will be fighting over who gets to lay down first!


In Summer...
Hello, poolside perfection. Like all our outdoor furniture, Lujo beanbag loungers are designed to handle the elements year round, so you don't need to store them during rainy months  - they can 'live outside', ready to be enjoyed on the next sunny weekend. And because they're also salt-air resistant, they're perfect for the beach house.



Winter or summer, rain or shine, our super-sized floor cushions are always ready for relaxation. Made from premium fabrics that are designed for indoor and outdoor use, they're a super versatile alternate to a day bed. Lay back in front of the TV, and then when the mercury climbs, drag your giant cushion out onto the deck or into the garden to soak up some rays. 

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