The Bold & The Beautiful - Dramatic Outdoors

The weather here in the Southern Hemisphere is starting to thaw out, and it feels like Spring might even arrive a little early this year! A beautiful sunny Sunday like today has us thinking about our home's outdoor living spaces... and we're in love with the bold, black exterior trend.

outdoor deck

Using black in outdoor spaces looks expensive, sophisticated and uber modern. This stunning home is by Melbourne architecture and interior design practice Whiting Architects.

Some of our black outdoor bean bag chairs (and a matching black bean bag ottoman) would look gorgeous on that deck there!

designer house outdoor

Black isn't just for modern architecture - traditional villas and cottages looks breathtaking dressed in black. Keep the window trims white for a striking contrast. Because grey complements black so well, a simple concrete patio is a great alternative to timber. Some bright red or yellow planters would be awesome here for a pop of colour (or if it were our home, some of our bright red bean bag chairs!).

outdoor deck furniture

Black on black on black can be a little much, so use shades of deep blue to bring contrast and visual interest, all whilst keeping the sophisticated, dramatic look. This indigo blue outdoor daybed is lovely.

We'd love to see one of our new luxury sun loungers in this space too, or some of our indigo blue beanbag chairs!

outdoor sun lounger

outdoor furniture chairs

Black lends itself beautifully to simple, clean lines. As far as designer outdoor chairs go, the iconic butterfly chair is a great pick! Outdoor living is all about relaxation, so choose chairs that are nice and low to the ground, and are comfy enough to chill for hours in, like a set of our black beanbag chairs.

outdoor chairs furniture

Black is the most gorgeous backdrop for greenery - the contrast is so striking and really showcases the vibrant colour, shapes and textures of flowers and plants.



outdoor beanbag chair and sun lounger

Want the bold, luxe look at your place?
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