Summer Sips & Spritzers

With summer well and truly here, we're spending more and more time lounging outside in the sun - lazing away the hours in a hammock, beanbag chair or sun lounger, magazine in hand and ice-cold drink by our side.

This year, thanks to our Pinterest addiction, we've started trying out a few recipes for mocktails and spritzers. Much more exciting than ordinary water, and awesome to share when friends are visiting too. Here's a few favourite sippers we've discovered...


Do not disturb...



Crush/muddle 2-3 strawberries with a couple of leaves of fresh mint in the bottom of a glass. Add ginger beer to top of glass, a squeeze of lime and finish off with ice. Add a whole strawberry to the rim of the glass to garnish. Pull up a chair (or lay back in a sun lounger) and enjoy!

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This recipe is oh-so-easy, we think that once you've tried it, it'll get a permanent spot in your BBQ repertoire! All you need is lemonade (we prefer dry-style lemonades like Schweppes - and diet lemonade is fine too), fresh nectarines and fresh basil leaves. Muddle a few slices of nectarine and 4-5 leaves of basil in the bottom of your glass, add a small handful of ice, then fill the glass with lemonade. So good!

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This spritzer is delightfully subtle on flavour but definitely has the X factor. So light and refreshing!

In a large jug, stir together 0.5 litres of Coconut Water and 0.5 litres of sparkling water and 0.5 litres of ginger ale. Add the juice of one lemon. Then add two cups of pureed/blended fresh watermelon and another 2 cups or so of fresh watermelon, cubed. Refrigerate until ready to drink. Add some torn fresh mint for garnish on top. We love the way these mocktails look served in vintage jars. 

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An absolutely delicious version of the 'old faithful' G & T!
To make it, start by adding 3 fresh blackberries, 5 mint leaves and the juice of half a lemon to a glass. Muddle these ingredients together, then fill the glass with ice. Now add one serve of your favourite gin, top with tonic water, stir and serve. Yum! (We've also tried cherries and blueberries which are a close second-equal to the blackberries in terms of flavour.)  

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This sensational combo is bold, sweet and herbaceous all at once. Pineapple and coriander are fabulous teamed together!
In a glass, simply mix together good quality pineapple juice with the juice of ½ a lime and 1 tablespoon of chopped coriander. To 'spike' your drink, tequila goes best. 

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Ah, now this is the life... 

(Pictured: Lujo outdoor bean bag chairs and large bean bag ottoman)


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