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Every time we package up and ship out one of designer beanbag chairs, ottomans or giant cushions, we imagine what sort of home it's going in, what room, how it's going to be styled and enjoyed. Below we've found a swag of contemporary, inspiring interiors (um, can we live in all these places please?) and we've paired them with the Lujo pieces we think would suit the space best...


This needs to happen in our home, stat. A reading spot, positioned in a sunny corner of the house. Love how they've draped the sheepskin over the chair to style the whole look up a notch, and that modern graphic art print looks cool just leaning up against the wall like that - love this trend with prints.

One of our designer beanbag chairs, in contemporary Scandi grey would look awesome here (and would be hugely comfy too!)


Such a sweet little space for a young lady! Vintage is an excellent aesthetic choice - you can find truly unique, affordable pieces at secondhand shops and op-shops, and nostalgia is not a 'trend', it's a style - so it won't be out of fashion in 6 months. Pick a couple of clean, contemporary pieces to keep the space from looking too much like an antique store.

We think one of our giant floor cushions would be superb here - a cosy spot for this little lady to read a book or to daydream. We've chosen our hugely popular Parma Pink colour, of course.


Ahh... this serene space is like a breath of fresh air. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, so opt for soft colours and neutrals like white, greys, and taupes. We love the shelf that's been built into the wall, a gorgeous way to add display space and storage whilst keeping the 'line of sight' uncluttered. The reading chair in the corner is lovely - not only is it a spot to sit and read, journal or even meditate, it's a place to put your cushions or throws when you take them off the bed at night, and a place to lay clothing out ready for the next day.

This room would be the perfect space for one of our sturdy but oh-so-comfortable designer bean bag chairs, in a light sand shade.


Another cute and creative kids space, this time for two little treasures. We LOVE the huge fiddle leaf tree inside (the recent trend for having extra-large plants inside is one we're really into!), as it really brings a sense of life and vibrance to this room. Having plants in kids rooms also is a great way to teach about responsibility and routine, by having them look after and water their own tree. The vintage chair as a shared bedside table is also a neat idea.

Our beanbag ottomans make ideal furniture for kids rooms - they can be used as a low play table, or moved around the room easily as a seat. They're also made from supremely durable and easily washable fabric too - perfect for messy little hands.



Hello, gorgeous living room! That fireplace with the slatted timber feature wall is stunning, and we love the simple colour palette they've opted for - soft and sophisticated. 

That fireplace is just crying out for one of our giant floor cushions in front of it... bliss! We'd go for our light grey floor cushion to keep with the understated style. And when the sun's out (and so's the fire), you can move the cushion out into the courtyard to soak up some Vitamin D. One of our designer beanbag chairs in light taupe would also look great here.


So much to steal from this room's style... We love the black unit that stretches almost the entire width of the room, providing not only space to stow things away neatly, but a real focal point and a place to display all the owner's cool art and homeware favourites. We're also huge fans of white wooden floorboards. It takes a little bravery to paint over timber floors, but we think the effect is nothing short of stunning. Those genuine mid-century (vintage) armchairs are a design-lovers dream, too!

The coffee table on castors is very cool, but one of our low round ottomans would also be awesome here. We'd go for the large size, and in a sandy taupe colour, to tie in with the armchairs. 

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