Mid-Winter Moods

We've styled up some mid-winter moodboards in gorgeous light grey, soft sand and deep blues, inspired by the colours of our bean bag chairs and floor cushions...



Inspired by... rainy days relaxing indoors, thick wool blankets, modern Scandinavian interiors, luxe marble and polished concrete. We've matched the mood with our indoor bean bag chair in soft grey, and one of our giant floor cushions





Inspired by... elegant indigo and painterly blue, the depth of the ocean and the heights of the skies, navy blue outfits that never go out of style, and luxe raw linen. We've matched this babe'n blue with two of our giant floor cushions in complementing colours.





Inspired by... natural raw linen, light timber and leather, golden sand and beige being the new black. This stylish scene matches with our designer bean bag chair in taupe.



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