Interior Inspiration - New Year, New Look

New year, new look at your place! January is the perfect time to revisit and refresh the look of your home, laying spaces out a little differently, moving favourite items from room to room, or even investing in one or two new quality pieces of furniture or homeware.
We hope this round-up of cool, contemporary interiors inspires you!

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If in doubt, simplify, simplify, simplify. In today's manic and materialistic world, it's important to create a space at home that feels like an escape. There is a definite trend in interiors for conscious minimalism. Not the stark minimalism of multi-million dollar architect houses, but a soft paring back of 'stuff' and a focus on buying less, but buying better. This simple, serene bedroom is divine.

For added comfort, we'd love to see one of our soft-coloured giant floor cushions or bean bag chairs here, to create a little reading and relaxing spot in the corner of the room.

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Instantly bring new life to any room by introducing a few lush green plants. For a chic, sophisticated look like the one above, opt for non-flowering botanics, and plant them in simple planters. Black is very on-trend, as is raw concrete. In living rooms and open plan kitchen-dining rooms, herbs offer both beautiful form and function.

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You've heard of selfies, right? Well, how about shelfies? This fun little buzzword refers to the art of displaying your favourite things - a quick and no-cost way to freshen up any space at your place. Pick a mantlepiece, windowsill or shelf, and arrange new groupings of pieces you love to look at - small plants, a foraged flower or foliage in a stylish little vessel, candles, treasured photos, keepsakes... 

(We love the laid-back warmth of this living room. One of our sand-coloured bean bag ottomans would look magic on top of that artisan rug - used as a low, circular coffee table.)

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Perhaps surprisingly, a dramatically dark wall can really give a tired room a lift. Use almost-blacks and dark navy blues for a designer feel. If you're not brave enough to paint a whole room (or if watching your budget), one full wall can also make a real statement.

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A fresh new look for your space is sometimes just a few new cushions away! We love how they've kept the monochrome colour palette with these cushions, but added personality through the patterns and textures. That matching armchair and ottoman are swoon-worthy!

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Want to create a more laid-back bedroom look? Take the headboard and legs off your bed - simplifying the form and moving it lower to the floor. Take mirrors off the wall and lean them up against the wall instead. And invest in linen bedding (in ivory, indigo or grey), for a 'romantically rumpled' look.

(Our dark purple giant floor cushion would be a comfy, casual-chic addition to this room!)

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