Interior Inspiration: Match-Ups

Inspired by a few current faves from the Lujo range of indoor and outdoor furniture, we went internet-hunting for swoon-worthy interiors to match...

giant floor cushion and lounge furniture

We love the eclectic feel of the furniture in this living room - as if the owners have, over a number of years, simply collected individual pieces they just love. There's no reason or rhyme, but it all just works! Those cushions on the floor are cute too, but hardly big enough - what would be awesome here is one of our giant floor cushions in the parma colour - a gorgeous blush pink that would tie in with the light shade.

lounge furniture with ottoman

Take me to the beach! This living room is to die for. We'd just soften and warm up the look slightly by replacing the hard glass coffee table with a low beanbag ottoman in sandy taupe. 

beanbag chair and bedroom furniture

Talk about a dream bedroom! We're in love with that exposed brick wall and angled ceiling, the mini-loft dressing room area (just wow) and the beautiful deer hide used as a rug. In place of the hard chair, we'd love to see one of our beanbag chairs in this bedroom. Totally in keeping with the very relaxed - yet chic - vibe of the space.

giant floor cushion and indoor furniture

J'adore the designer furniture in this lounge - from the Eames chair to the Muuto coffee tables. Pale timber floorboards always look very elegant... but to up the comfort factor, a giant floor cushion would make a great addition. We've chosen our soft grey colour to complement the tones in this Scandinavian-style room.

beanbag chair and outdoor furniture setting

When it comes to outdoor settings and outdoor furniture, black is back! Whether you choose true black or a charcoal, the darkest end of the colour spectrum never fails to deliver a bold, sophisticated and oh-so-modern look. (Just remember to choose outdoor furniture that won't fade - nothing worse than that lovely black turning purple or green over time!) We think one of our outdoor beanbag chairs in slate would look gorgeous in this spot. 

beanbag ottoman and living room furniture

This serene little space looks so inviting... excuse me while I put my feet up on that couch, wrap that soft throw around me and delve into the stack of magazines beside the sofa there! All the light grey and white in the room would be complemented nicely by the addition of a darker grey  - how about in the form of a coffee table - one of our low beanbag ottomans in deep graphite.

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