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Black is back! Dark walls are right on trend at the moment - and we're definite fans. Whether you choose black, charcoal or navy, dark walls can bring a super modern, moody vibe to a space, and - contrary to what you might assume - can actually help attract light to a space, and make it appear larger! 

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If you have an open kitchen/dining/living area, one dark wall can really help anchor the kitchen and create a defined zone for this area. It also looks great as a backdrop to exposed shelves with your fave kitchen collections on display - such as all-white vessels and serveware, as they've done here. (We also love the one pop of colour from that designer chair!)

indoor dining table and chairs
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Wow, this is gorgeous. If you're not too sure about black, how about navy? We love how it picks up the colours in that huge rug, and far from making this space dark, it actually provides such a lovely contrast to all the sunlight that it accentuates it! Light timber is the perfect soft, warm option for furnishings with this lush midnight blue.

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A dark wall can add drama and a sense of romance to your master bedroom. This space manages to be both masculine and moody, yet still soft and feminine thanks to the neutral colours and the choice of linen - the perfect sleepy sanctuary for the two of you...

kids bedroom furniture
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Looking for a unique and super modern option for your little ones bedroom? A dark wall can actually be quite restful on the eyes, and also provides a blank canvas against which colourful textiles and toys can really pop. It'll easily 'grow up' right alongside them too.
(We'd love to see one of our giant floor cushions in this little boy's space.)

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Another great example of how dark walls don't need to mean a dark room. Instead, it can really bring a freshness to a space, providing a point of such contrast that it actually accentuating the whites and light colours in the room!

hanging indoor chair in designer bedroom
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Do you have a special architectural feature - like these beautiful windows - that you want to highlight? Paint it black! 
(The black wall as a backdrop also helps make a key feature of the designer chair - a great idea if you have a statement piece of furniture that you want to really shine in the space.) 



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