Giant Floor Cushions - perfect for any space

Our cloud cushions are the most versatile piece of designer furniture you'll ever own - for any space, indoors or outdoors!
Let us show you what we mean...

Lovely in the corner of a bedroom - a peaceful little spot to lay and read or listen to music. 
The light grey colour works so well in this soft-toned space, but so would our dusky pink cushion!

This space has a laid-back sophistication that we just love, and it's a style we've consciously kept in mind when designing our giant floor cushions. We call it elegant relaxation...

If you're creating a contemporary Scandinavian-style look at your place, our giant floor cushions are the perfect addition - especially in grey (a fave colour of Scandi interiors). 

Polished timber floorboards will never go out of style! The only problem is, they can sometimes feel a little cold and uncomfortable. A giant cushion offers a soft-as-a-cloud seat, whether you're sitting in a sunny patch, or chilling out in front of a movie.

Nap time or play time, kids love our giant floor cushions. They're made with easily washable, wipeable, Scotchguarded fabric too, so a safe and easy-care option for messy little fingers.

Our giant floor cushions were purpose-designed for outdoor enjoyment! They're made with soft, luxurious marine-grade fabrics and an excellent waterproof lining (the same system we use for our luxury outdoor beanbags), so they'll stay looking good and feeling oh-so-comfy for years and years, no matter the weather!

Use them as an affordable, versatile day-bed option. Great to drag out onto the deck to soak up a little Vitamin D!

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